A fish.

A fish swims around in the pond, breaking my concentration. It circles in the brown for a while…I lose intrest and go back to thoughts of nothing.

In the void, again this fish disturbs – it is slithering up the bank of the pond- slithering towards me. Round lips gape at the stones at my feet. He lies. He lays on the cobbles, looking on my confusion.

He slithers closer with his flappy mouth’s rhythmic dark. Small ants crawl along his scales, black insects feet patter on gold. They sound like thunder in my crooked ear.

Fish and ants sleepily slide forward. The floppy mouth is open and around my big toe. It is warm and wet. The ants migrate to my foot and leg. The fish opens his mouth wider and swallows my right foot. I slide my left towards the warmth of the fish mouth and stare directly at the sun.

The end.


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